Dating my cousins ex husband

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Luckily my bff isn't the kind of person who would hate me over my honesty so I can be that way with her.

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I don't know what your friend is like but I am always in favor of honesty and personal perspective. If this were your own family, how would you react? Tell her so she knows where you stand. As her friend, you should give her your honest opinion. Otherwise, you are doing her a disservice. If she were my friend, I would let her know that's she an adult, capable of making her own decisions.

I can't tell her what to do. But If she continues with the relationship , she will receive more backlash from her family most likely. That has to be something she's willing to live with.

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And if she's not willing to live with it, than she should end the relationship before it gets any further. That would be my advice.

And personally , I think your best friends relationship is a bit weird. I see many awkward AF moments in her future if she stays with the ex husband. Or her family may just stop contact with her. Just not good st all. That's the thing I can't be too blunt because she's claiming she loves him.. And also asked if he's worth the trouble with the entire family.

And at the end it's her decision but she wanted my advice so I told her that. I know this because I was in a relationship not a single person in my life or his approved of.

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Do I support it? Or do I tell her it's wrong? Login or Sign Up. October 12th, , I'm falling in love with my cousin's ex, of 9 years. I believe that a lot of those years were struggles and unhappiness but regardless, they broke up about a week ago only and ever since they broke up him and I have been hanging out.

I initially just wanted to be his friend and be there for him. The 9 years that they were together, I had become kinda close with him too - almost everytime that I would hang out with my cousin "he" would be around too. She didn't care at all and said she expects it after 9 years. I do know that she is sort of seeing someone else too - she has had a crush on a guy since before her and her 9 year relationship got together but she and him never persued anything due to the committment.

I don't know what to do.

Can I marry my ex-husband’s cousin?

I am quickly falling in love with him and I know he is for me too. He says that she is the least selfish person he has ever known and can only imagine her saying that she wants him to be happy. I am just really nervous and I don't want to talk to her too soon OR too late. I don't know how to do it or when. He's been "on the market" for about a week.

falling in love with my cousin's ex.....

So, you've been spending time one-on-one with him for what It sounds not entirely impossible that your cousin would give her blessing if you approach her about it and don't mislead her or leave her in the dark. But for now, this guy got out of a 9 year relationship with someone pretty much single digit days ago and you have barely that much directly personal experience with him. Rein in that bolting horse before someone gets hurt.

When you've safely covered more ground you can start thinking about the future. Originally posted by Deidre View Post.

October 14th, , I would be very cautious if I were you. He JUST got out of a relationship a week ago, and he's already falling for someone?

dating my cousins ex husband Dating my cousins ex husband
dating my cousins ex husband Dating my cousins ex husband
dating my cousins ex husband Dating my cousins ex husband
dating my cousins ex husband Dating my cousins ex husband
dating my cousins ex husband Dating my cousins ex husband
dating my cousins ex husband Dating my cousins ex husband

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