Pregnant after dating two months

These Women Got Pregnant After Only A Few Months Of Dating

Not only did we move too fast but were not careful. I found out on thanksgiving eve that she is pregnant. I have been a wreck since. Everything she has said has had me believing she really wants to keep it. She really wants kids and unless she is lying is going to have a hard time conceiving. I was honest with her quickly. We have known each other a month. We cant reasonably expect for us to develop a healthy relationship with this gun to our head. It is too forced now.

Not only that but I want to be married before kids. I want a healthy, stable environment for my kid to be raised in. I told her clearly I don't want to go forward with it. She was upset and we went back and forth on it a lot this weekend. I basically said I will support her in ending it.. But otherwise I dont know what to do. She texted me today and said she will end it. She is obviously upset. And while I should be happy because I am getting what I wanted, I feel overwhelming guilt knowing how upset she is.

Logically I know I should just go with it and fully support her in every way. But my conscience is telling me to tell her its ok to keep it. I cant afford what the state will try to get for child support but I will contribute what I can. And I will take the kid on weekends. Someone please tell me if you know how other situations have worked? I am insane for even considering listening to my guilty conscience right? I have to assume that either way my relationship with this girl is through. Share Share this post on Digg Del. She had a marriage fail because she would have a tough time getting pregnant, and then BAM Sounds fishy to me bro.

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Only because Ive seen situations similar to this where it turns out that the woman secretly wanted to get pregnant. And I wouldnt put it past some girl you barely know to do that Anyways, Im a pro-choice kinda guy. And while logically its not best to start a relationship this way I do agree, that abortion or no abortion, I cant see a relationship working out.

Let her make the decision on her own. How would you feel if you were in her situation and you were being pressured in the same way you're doing to her? While I understand the reality of the situation and that you've only been together a month , why are you assuming your relationship is through? Just because of what you said?


Or is it that this situation has brought to light where you see this relationship going? The best thing to do is express your feelings about the situation clearly - which it sounds like you did. So that is taken care of - but you then need to be supportive of her no matter what she decides - and you also need to express that to her.

Pregnant After 2 Months Dating

I met my boyfriend Jay back in November. We had both recently gotten out of serious relationships and wanted to take our relationship slow. He still had love for his ex, although he knew she wasn't the one. I had fallen out of love with my ex husband long before I found the courage to file for divorce, but the divorce was still fresh.

So, although Jay and I both saw a lot of potential in each other and wanted to be exclusive, we agreed that we didn't need to rush anything. Unfortunately, life doesnt always work as planned. After two months of dating I could feel myself falling for him but knew I should keep it to myself.

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One night we had been drinking and I drunkenly confessed that I loved him. He said he cared for me deeply and wasn't going anywhere, but wasn't in the same place yet, understandably. He brought it up the next morning and I was really embarrassed and upset with myself so I asked that we just pretend it didn't happen. He agreed after reassuring me that he cared for me.

Later that morning I took a pregnancy test because my period is very irregular and I do this monthly out of paranoia. I assured him I probably wasn't pregnant, even though my period was late. Shockingly, I was wrong and was pregnant. When I told him I was in complete disbelief and very emotional. He was amazing and supportive and handled the news much better than I! We talked about it and decided to keep the baby and that after the first trimester I would move in with him It has been over two months since we found out that I'm pregnant and since my drunken confession of love.

He has been a wonderful boyfriend and extremely supportive. I am moving in with him in two weeks. My only concern is that, although he is very loving with his actions, he may never actually fall in love with me. I'm not sure if it is my hormones making me emotional, but I am very worried that it may not happen for him and I can't be with someone who doesn't love me just because I'm pregnant. I'm not sure how long is too long to wait for someone to say I love you back. Has anyone been in a similar situation or have any advice for me? Whatever his real feelings are it sounds like he is really trying to step up and make it work.

I would try focusing on baby and see what happens.

enter He will clearly be involved in child's life no matter what and that means something. Is there any way for you not to move in with him? Because that would be your best bet NOT to get hurt in the long run He is not now "in love" with you.

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Or it may not. You could continue to be intimate and great, good friends. But with the knowledge that he has never had and may never have the butterflies for you that you deserve. And even if he professes his love, will there be a little piece of you wondering if it would have happened if not for your child? You are an adult. You were living on your own. You've already been married and divorced. You CAN handle this! And you can continue to date him.

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Continue building a solid relationship for what could very well be your happily ever after. One month into our relationship and I was pregnant. Only difference being we were friends for a couple of years. It was definitely hard in the beginning. Mostly me questioning it, because it all happened so soon. I did give him the chance to leave though. We're still together and very much in love, but it was a long, hard journey for us. SO and I were together for barely two months before we got pregnant. We are still together and have 2 kids now.

pregnant after dating two months Pregnant after dating two months
pregnant after dating two months Pregnant after dating two months
pregnant after dating two months Pregnant after dating two months
pregnant after dating two months Pregnant after dating two months
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pregnant after dating two months Pregnant after dating two months
pregnant after dating two months Pregnant after dating two months
pregnant after dating two months Pregnant after dating two months
Pregnant after dating two months

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