Dating agency cyrano ep 1 summary

Dating Agency: Cyrano

She waits but is embarrassed to go in and beg for the job and ducks into the restaurant next door, where she meets Seung-pyo. He urges her to go in. Min-young is still hesistant but finds her excuse to proceed when a client asks to go in. The vet describes his one-sided love for the local librarian. Byung-hoon forces some interaction between Min-young and scary librarian to observe the target. Byung-hoon gathers that the librarian is bored with her job and needs an exciting mysterious lover to keep her interested.

He wants to turn down the job because the vet is way too boring and ordinary.

Episode #1.1

The librarian is intrigued and her love for mystery and justice leads her to approach vet herself to try to save him. Of course, vet valiantly puts the librarian on the train first and leaves her alone on a note of suspense. Hook, line, and sinker.

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The team gathers at the platform happily to talk about the progress but suddenly realize the librarian has unexpectedly taken the train back to the station. They scatter to hide from her view.

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Ok, at least mine is. Byung-hoon you suddenly got exponentially hotter. Any show that can appreciate Humphrey Bogart? I was a fan of the film and still remember it quite fondly. I think it just might top the movie by a fair margin, and part of it has to do with the episodic format. While watching Episode 1, I could clearly envision the various characters we would meet, and how giving us several hours — rather than several minutes — for each of the couples would actually work better.

Cyrano dating agency ep 1 recap

And it was then that the lightbulb went off. This is totes like the medical or procedural dramas littering the American television landscape, just lotsa loootsa cuter and… Korean. Which makes even more hearts pop out of my eyes. Lee Chun-hee looks ready to be adorkable, and the rest of the crew seem comfortable.

I beg of you. Thanks for the recap.

Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 1 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I lost interest at episode 10 with each of them because the main couple was unoriginal for the first, unnecessary conflicts for the second and lost appeal for the third. Totally agree with you. The other Flower Boys were whatever. But this one seems to be really promising. The movie is pretty different so I wouldnt worry about spoilers. Thank you so much and I had fun watching this! When the news of this drama coming up actually I hope that Daniel Choi would be in it, but nope. So still hesitate it I think will check your recap first then let see.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Then she ruffles his hair like a puppy. The Cyrano boys carry Min-young out of the restaurant, and Byung-hoon frowns over the ordinary gift. Oho, is our team leader feeling a bit jealous? Although the two speak politely to each other in jondae, the air is noticeably tense between them. Seung-pyo retorts that the unexpected gifts are always the ones that are most fun.

Seung-pyo removes his glasses once Byung-hoon leaves. When Min-young wakes some hours later, she stumbles across Byung-hoon watching old high school movies by himself on a projector. He promptly changes the subject when she mentions the movies, scolding her for hanging around the workplace instead of going home like normal people do. But Min-young disagrees with him and admits that people become completely real in their drunken state. Therefore, she meant every word she said earlier and genuinely wants to find what she really wants to do while working at Cyrano. All he has to do is give what the client wants without his emotions dictate his actions.

So if she wants to save herself from getting hurt in the future, she can chuck that idea of sincerity out the window. Everything goes according to plan in their next scenario. Arang reports from the subway that Jae-in is on her way to her weekly book club when she catches a brief glimpse of Joon-hyuk at the station. Byung-hoon instructs their client to follow the script as Jae-in trails behind her mystery man, careful to remain unseen.

At the designated location, she witnesses two suspicious men including Moo-jin converse in the street. Recalling the strange note she found at the library some time ago, she wonders: She runs forward when she sees Joon-hyuk spring into action. The men disperse and Moo-jin gets on his bike and rides in her direction. He points out how ironic it is that Min-young is in the business of creating love matches when in reality, she constantly gets rejected.

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  • He gives her a word of advice: To do so requires a certain kind of mystery, and for transparent girls like herself, they always end up getting dumped. That statement puts Min-young on the defensive, and she proclaims that her charm is hidden deep DEEP inside where no one can readily see it. He tells her to watch and learn from their client.

    get link We catch up with the budding lovebirds at dinner, where Jae-in acts like a giddy teenage girl around Joon-hyuk. She hangs on his every word until Joon-hyuk is suddenly called away. We see Joon-hyuk engage a roomful of gangsters in a fight, and whips around at the sight of Jae-in.

    He feigns injury which triggers her fantasy once more, and remains mysteriously vague when she asks about his line of work. Hook, line, and sinker. She falls back on her potato metaphor, and asks what happens if the potato lover gets caught meddling with the restaurant. Will she be fired? Then he rises to attend to another customer whose face is hidden from view. Min-young visits Joon-hyuk at the animal hospital to convey her thoughts about the case. She starts to panic over how to contact Joon-hyuk, and receives a text from him a minute later.

    Min-young is taken by surprise when Byung-hoon suddenly grabs her by the arm as soon as she arrives at the library. He says that he thought of executing a new plan since he expected that Min-young would backstab him. Ack — this show keeps on getting better. This allows for the story to move at a brisk pace that I dearly hope sustains for the rest of the series. The various perspectives surrounding love and romance is a sometimes belabored recurring theme in this series, personified by our leads.

    At least for the agency, that is. Best of luck to you there, sista.

    dating agency cyrano ep 1 summary Dating agency cyrano ep 1 summary
    dating agency cyrano ep 1 summary Dating agency cyrano ep 1 summary
    dating agency cyrano ep 1 summary Dating agency cyrano ep 1 summary
    dating agency cyrano ep 1 summary Dating agency cyrano ep 1 summary
    dating agency cyrano ep 1 summary Dating agency cyrano ep 1 summary

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