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“How Many Patent Dates do you see behind the handplane frog?”

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Facebook Related Posts Build a starting point because it probably wasnt replaced that a good money for dating Stanley added the result.

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Stanley plane dating

For more information on how these ads help us, and to learn how to whitelist our site, please click here. Login or Sign Up. Search in titles only Search in Hand Tools only Search. Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram Help. Member List Mark Forums Read. Previous 1 2 template Next. Stanley plane dating , Is there a web site dedicated to the dating of "Made in Canada" Stanley planes??

Patrick's Blood and Gore as well as oldtools. Stanley plane dating Are there any patent dates on it or features that come close to what is listed here? Stanley plane dating Hi Rick, There are not patent dates on either. I had been to the site that your link lead me to as well.

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It firmly places one plane as a type 19 if it were made in USA. The other I am not sure, using the oldtools. Since I posted the original question I have found some pieces of information. There is a possible date code on the iron, in this case '' that may indicate a 'second quarter of ' date of manufacture. What throws me is the fact that there is no frog adjustment screw, but in the context of conserving materials during war time this may have been a common occurance. Stanley is stamped on the adjustment lever horizontally as opposed to vertically. There does not appear to be any nickle plating on the lever cap or paint in the rectangle surrounding "Stanley" either or at least any remaining.


I have not put much effort into cleaning the questionable one yet. Thanks for you info though. Stanley plane dating I've found that the Canadian Stanley planes typically follow the U. Stanley type studies fairly closely.

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Some suggest that many Canadian Stanley plane parts were made in the U. The most notable difference would typically be what's printed on top of the plane iron. Rob Brophy has a great little Web page showing Stanley Canadian blades and trademarks. Anyway, you seem knowledgeable so here's another decent site that may help you with your mystery plane.

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Stanley plane dating Hi Glen, Thanks for the information. I had not found Rob Brophy's information, strangely enough I thought I had exhausted the Galoots site. The Rexmill site, I had found. It is an excellent site. Between it, Patrick Leach's site and this site - http: What I have come to realise or suspect is that there is no clear distinction between one type and the next as the company appears to be cycling old stock through new plane runs.

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